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Did you know you can save with a pellet stove up to 40% on your heating budget?

Pellet stoves have greatly gained in popularity in recent years. The attractive design and the warmth they produce are not the only reasons. Did you know you can save up to 40% on your energy bills when purchasing a pellet stove? Pellet stoves have a very high efficiency. Ideal for warming up a living room or an entire floor. DL Moisture control features a DL Pellet CONCEPT STORE you your heart's content pleasant feeling and the many benefits you can experience a pellet stove. We put there already some for you here: 

  • The design of your pellet stove. Whether you are in favor of modern and sleek, or rather a retro look but would not want to lose the quality and efficiency, we have the full range. We have a wide range of pellet stoves to fit any kind of interiors in every room. 
  • Wood or pellets, with us you will find everything. The CONCEPT STORE DL Pellet has a wide assortments that goes beyond certain styles. Also, wood stoves we have in our catalog. Something for everyone so. 
  • Quality pellet stoves. All our stoves are all manufactured with the highest quality standards. We guarantee quality and give years of warranty on the equipment. 
  • Own installers and 5 years warranty on cast iron . Our own installers know the pellet from A to Z. They ensure a perfect installation so that you only need to enjoy the wonderful warmth. 
  • KW capacities of 6 t / m 20 kW . How big your living is, we always have a pellet stove that is powerful enough to heat continuously throughout the space. 
  • Efficiency up to 95% and 40% savings on your energy bill.  Pellet stoves are renowned for their high efficiency through the use of CO2-neutral fuel. So you think not only your wallet but also the environment. 


Remember your wallet is thinking about the environment.

Pellets are the fuel for most pellet stoves. These pellets are made of wood waste and under high pressure compressed into pellets. This composition they are CO2 neutral, and they form the most environmentally friendly fuel to put into Amen. Because pellet stoves have a high efficiency and thus are perfectly capable weathered amen small and large spaces, so they offer another advantage. You lower your energy bill and in addition you also thinking of the environment. The perfect win-win situation. In our concept store, you can see the expanded capabilities of pellet stoves and you will be assisted by professionals. To choose the perfect pellet stove for your home. 

Want more information? 

Visit our new DL Pellet CONCEPT STORE in Aartselaar Boomsesteenweg 41/1. Would you beforehand to get more information? Request free information on our contact page.